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Give yourself the gift of fitness!

Physical limitations, such as being overweight, lacking strength, having restricted mobility, recovering from injury or experiencing pain can all hold you back from living life to the fullest.  Sarah Tooke Premium Fitness Services is dedicated to empowering individuals with physical freedom by reducing and removing these physical limitations so that you can live the life you desire!

About Sarah

Your Fitness Guru

With a decade of experience, Sarah understands the importance of the "long term game" when it comes to your health and fitness.  She'll design a program specifically for your goals and abilities and work with you to integrate healthy and sustainable fitness and nutrition habits into your busy lifestyle. Additionally, she recognizes that "how " you move must complement how much you move so she'll focus on correcting your specific muscle imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns so that you minimize your chances of pain and injury in the future.

Fitness Services

Sarah prides herself in providing high end fitness services and creating extraordinary fitness experiences.  The flexible services she offers ensure even the busiest of individuals can achieve their fitness goals and sustain them!


Private studio training

Come workout in comfort at Sarah's new, fully equipped, home studio in Marda loop!

What's new?

3:1 personal training is now available!


Do you enjoy working out with some company? 

Try out 3:1 personal training.  It's like 1:1 training but with a couple new friends! Morning and evening times available.


Client Testimonials

What her clients are saying

"I really enjoy the app.  It makes it easier to know how and what I need to do on my own and allows me to see my progress.  I also like the accountability - that she can see what I'm doing (or not!) and holds me accountable to getting workouts done."

Kellie Donohue

Contact Sarah

(403) 412-4349

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