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Don't waste time isolating your triceps!

In this episode of "Exercise of the Week", I show you a great way to multitask arm work. The muscles in your arms are small so when you isolate them this causes two problems. 1- lengthens your workout (and most people are rushed already) and 2 - it doesn't burn a lot of calories (and most people want to lose weight). The birddog hold with tricep kickback is great to eliminate both of these problems! Check it out!

Is Parkour a workout?

In this episode of "Is that a Workout?" I talk about my latest experience with parkour and if I think it's a good workout.

My favorite glute exercise

In this episode of exercise of the week I show you my favorite glute exercise. It is also a great exercise for improving your balance. And... for most people it doesn't require any equipment either!

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