In Studio Training

Skip the all hassles of your typical big box gyms and come train with Sarah at a private, fully equipped studio, conveniently located in Marda Loop.  No gym membership or fees, towel service is provided and the parking is free

Sarah will perform a consultation and movement assessment screen with you at the beginning of your training in order to design the best program for your individual goals, abilities, lifestyle and needs.  This all helps to maximize your results as well as minimize your chances of injuries!

You will also receive an online account so that you can easily access all your workouts and coaching material through Sarah's state of the art app.  

Contact Sarah to get started.

Package prices * before GST

Month to Month packages

*sessions must be used within the month*

  • 1x a week (4 sessions) - $275

  • 2x a week (8 sessions) - $500

  • 3x a week (12 sessions) - $700

Flexible packages

*sessions do not expire so you can train as much or as little as you want*

  • 6 sessions - $450

  • 12 sessions - $850

  • 24 sessions $1650

(403) 412-4349

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