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Online training

Sarah's online training programs are not the typical "cookie cutter programs" or automated training systems offered by most online trainers.  What makes Sarah different is that she is only works with a handful of online clients.  This enables her to deliver online training programs that are more effective and efficient, and will maximize your results and minimize your injuries!

Sarah performs an initial online consultation and video session movement assessment screen with all her private online clients.  She will then use this information to design a program that is specifically for you and your goals and then delivered to you using the best training software available.  Your training schedule will be loaded to your account at the start of each week and receive weekly check-ins from Sarah.


Custom online training pricing

  • 1 month - $150 +tax

  • 3 months - $350 +tax


Video training sessions are now available! Do you struggle to push yourself during your workouts or worry that you aren't performing the exercises correctly?  Sarah will push you to workout so that you can get faster results and also provide instant coaching feedback in order to prevent pain or injuries.  

*video session pricing is for the actual training sessions only.  Add a custom online program for ONLY $100 a month.  This includes a workout program and weekly check ins with program revisions.


Video session pricing

  • 1 session - $45

  • 6 sessions - $250

*add a custom online program for only $100 a month!

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